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Embodying The Yoga Sutra – Support, Direction & Space

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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is the key text of yoga, particularly within this tradition. Yet for many contemporary practitioners, its deeper treasures remain either unknown or mired in obscurity.

In Embodying The Yoga Sutra, Ranju Roy and David Charlton focus on 18 of the most important sutra and show how each one illuminates the relationship between the body, the breath and the mind in a practical, clear and contemporary manner. The sutra are carefully deconstructed, put into context and then developed into ideas for practice. They examine the interplay of three key terms: support, direction and space. They suggest that only by taking support on something can you establish a clear direction; and only then can a space open up to grow into. This formula can be applied as successfully to the body (in asana) as to the breath (in pranayama) and the mind (through meditation). With illustrated asana sequences and suggestions for enhancing your practice, Embodying the Yoga Sutra is both a practical as well as a deeply philosophical book. Dave and Ranju give readers a whole new vocabulary with which to understand yoga as a living, vibrant and dynamic tradition.

“Embodying the Yoga Sutra” brings a new dimension to the world of modern Yoga literature. In a way which all practitioners of yoga can appreciate, it captures the spirit of Yoga and  helps gain an understanding of its core. The 11 yoga sutras explained in a practical style in the book are each a good reason for buying the book: This is the type of book we need Yoga to give back Yoga the space it deserves, not merely as a practice to stay fit and healthy, but also a means to enquiry and understanding of the larger spaces in life which give us direction and support. My congratulations to the authors and also to the publishing house for the aesthetic appeal of the book!”” -R Sriram Yoga teacher and long-time student of TKV Desikachar

Order the book! (UK only)

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